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Reliable Repairs with Quality Parts in Haslemere

Our four mechanics have over fifty years of experience in car repairs working with almost every possible make and model of car and so it is more than likely that, no matter what problem you might be experiencing, we will have probably seen it before. Experience is one of the most important factors when it comes to ascertaining what needs to be repaired or replaced and the best way to complete the process. Our first goal is to get your car fully functional and ready to drive for the long term, without having to rush back to the garage.

Our professional team is qualified to take on any and all possible car repairs for any make or model of car. We have three service bays and a fourth Class 4 MOT testing bay, so we can get your car in and out of our garage quickly and still have access to the best possible parts and equipment. We can take on a wide range of repairs from simple body repairs to full welding jobs. Of course, we can also conduct your annual MOT test so you know your car is working at the best standards for another year. If you have a small commercial vehicle or any privately owned Class 4 vehicle, when you bring it down to First 4 Carz, you will have the confidence that your car will be cared for so it will last for years to come.

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Full range of car repairs – keep your warranty

We offer high-class services and repairs without affecting your manufacturer guarantee in any way. Our range of repair options varies, extending from brake repair and replacement to welding and water pumps. No matter what part of the car needs repairs, every part is equally important for your car to be running at the best standard possible when you are driving on the road. We can do work on cosmetic repairs such as minor body faults, bumpers, inflating or replacing tyres, and other welding challenges. Our experts are equally comfortable with the internal workings of your car, and we are ready to address the engine, gearboxes, clutch and exhaust.

Cutting-edge equipment

Our specialist equipment includes some of the most cutting-edge diagnostic equipment available, which means before we even get started on the repairs you can be sure our team is on the right track. We always supply or order top quality and long-lasting parts, and we will never conduct repairs without first communicating everything to our customer first.

Maybe you are hearing an unusual noise, or a small warning light is blinking from your dashboard. Symptoms can range from a strange smell coming in through the vents to black smoke spilling out from under the bonnet. It is true that nobody knows the signs of your car better than you, but that doesn’t have to mean you know exactly what is wrong or how to fix it. Trust the professionals at First 4 Carz for all your repairing needs and book online today.

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