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Knowledgeable mechanics to check your car

Our fully functional garage includes three service bays alongside our MOT testing bay. With three completely equipped service bays and four professional and friendly mechanics with a combined experience of over fifty years, we are the best bet to make sure your vehicle gets the highest quality of servicing available. Our facilities can offer both partial and full car services so you can get exactly what your car needs and what fits into your budget. With our combined top-notch customer service and dedication to your car running in its best possible health, First 4 Carz makes sure your vehicle is efficiently serviced and you can get it out of the garage and back on the road where it belongs.

Putting our customers’ needs first

Our priority is to always put your needs first and we have the experience to make sure we are prepared to take on a whole range of potential problems, so you don’t have to worry or try to self-diagnose the issue. Take advantage of our professional help and erase any doubt or worry that your car will be repaired or serviced incorrectly or at a low quality. We are able to take on a vast range of potential issues that may be affecting your car, from brakes to water pumps, and everything in between. We’ll adjust your cambelts, the exhaust and clutches may need repair work, or your computer diagnostics could be glitchy and need repair. Whatever the issue you can rest safe in the knowledge your vehicle is in good hands. During the heat of summer, your air conditioning is essential to more than just your comfort, but also the physical safety of yourself and your loved ones. We can help make sure it is functioning at full capacity when you need it most.

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Leave your car repairs to the experts

A combined experience of more than fifty years in the garage between four mechanics is something we’re proud of. The years we have spent with our heads under the bonnet has given us a wealth of experience, so you don’t have to worry about brushing up on your own mechanics skills for whatever might be happening with your vehicle. To keep your car in its best health with a satisfyingly long-lasting life, either partial or full servicing is recommended on a consistent basis so it can always function at maximum efficiency.

Quality car servicing for you

Partial car servicing is recommended at least every six months, and this process is typically short so you can be in and out in an afternoon without having to rent a courtesy car or take the train. A full car or van servicing is best at least once a year, or sooner if you drive the vehicle extensively. During this servicing, the existing warranty is always protected and First 4 Carz will use only manufacturer parts if available, or the best quality replacement parts. If you are unsure about the best schedule for your car, always check the handbook for the manufacturer’s recommended servicing schedule.

Book your car service for any make or model online today with First 4 Carz for affordable prices and quality work tailored to you car. Contact us if you want any advice on your vehicle maintenance and repairs.

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